Jaka Tarub and 7 Angels

Once upon a time, a handsome man whose name was Jaka Tarub. He was a hunter and live in the deer forest. He Hunted the deer and sought firewoods. One day, when Jaka Tarub was hunting to the deer near the river, he saw 7 womans were bathing in the river and his heart said,”How beautiful they are!” But he fell in love with one of them, she’s Nawang Wulan. Then he saw 7 angels’ shawl on the rocks.

Then, he took Nawang Wulan’s shawl which colour was red.He hid her shawl in his pocket. When 7 angels have finished, they put their shawl but Nawang Wulan’s shawl has lost. She was very afraid and she cried out for help, “Help me, please! I lost my shawl” and then another angels helped Nawang Wulan, But it was useless attempt” Another angel said, “We’re so sorry Nawang Wulan but we must leave you in here and we will back to the sky.

Take care, Nawang Wulan.. We will watched your conducts during in here until you find your shawl” Nawang Wulan still cry and then 6 angels left Nawang Wulan alone. Jaka Tarub approached Nawang Wulan. Jaka Tarub said,“Hey beautiful girl.

Why do you cry? I will help you to do something that it can make you smile.” “Never mind. I can do it by my self. I don’t need somebody to help me” answered Nawang Wulan. “Really? You want to leave in here? There are wild animal in this forest. You must follow me and I will bring you to the safe place” “Oh.. God.. I really afraid but I just only find my shawl” “You just must be patient, girl” “Okay thanks for your attention to me. You’re a kind man. What’s your name handsome man?” “I am Jaka Tarub, but you can call me Jaka” “Okay Jaka, I’m Nawang Wulan” said Nawang Wulan.

And thenJaka Tarub smiled to her Arrived at Jaka Tarub’s home, Nawang Wulan sat and she asked for the something to the Jaka Tarub “Are you hungry Jaka?” “Yeah, but there’s not some food in here” “Oh. No problem, I will cook some food for our.” Nawang Wulan went to the kitchen.

But Jaka Tarub restrained and held her hand. Nawang Wulan said, “Hey, what do you want from me?” His face approached Nawang Wulan. Jaka Tarub said, “I love you for the first time. Will you marry me? Honestly, since I’ve met you, you can make my life worthwhile” Nawang Wulan was amazed from his word. “okay. I will follow you” Nawang Wulan smiled to him and Jaka Tarub hug Nawang Wulan. “Thank You, Nawang Wulan. You’re the reason that I breathe’ “I feel it too. I will continue for cooking. Wait me” Nawang Wulan went to the kitchen.

Then Jaka Tarub secretly kept a hoard of Nawang Wulan’s shawl in various grains. One year later, Jaka Tarub felt so distrustful with Nawang Wulan because the grains was not less anymore.

When Nawang Wulan was cooking the rice, she must left the rice because something very important. Then she told Jaka Tarub for kept the rice and didn’t open casing of cooking pot. He must waiting until ripe the rice. But Jaka Tarub felt so distrustful and he betrayed her promises. Jaka Tarub opened casing of cooking pot.

Jaka tarub was very shocked because he found just one grain in the cooking pot. “How can Nawang Wulan cook the rice with just one grain? I believe she wasn’t an ordinary woman!” Jaka Tarub said. Suddenly, Nawang wulan stood at the back Jaka Tarub. “what did you doing in here? Did you open the cooking pot?” Her face looked a like a thunder. “I’m so sorry nawang wulan. I offended you. It wasn’t intentional” “I disappointed Jaka Tarub” “please give me one opportunity again.. I will do the best for you” “okay I will give you one more time again. Please don’t make me sad. Keep your promises to me” One month later, the grains less than before because Nawang wulan must cook some the grains and didn’t just only one grain.

Nawang wulan was very shocked because she found her shawl that it lost one year ago. “So, Jaka Tarub who hid my shawl!” she felt very disappointed. Suddenly Jaka Tarub came because he heard Nawang wulan cry. “Nawang Wulan, why do you cry?” She felt so angry. “Look at this! This is my shawl! Why do you hide my shawl? Why do you do this to me? Honestly, I hate you Jaka Tarub!” “I’m so sorry Nawang wulan. I really heart you.

I took your shawl so that I would live with you together forever. I can’t live without you. I don’t wanna miss anything. Just only you in my heart.” “it’s over Jaka tarub. You’ve so foolish Although I really love you but I felt so disappointed because you betrayed me!” “please don’t walk away! Don’t leave me, this heart of stone will sink till it dies! i can’t live without you” Jaka Tarub cried “Shut up! I can’t believe you again! I must leave you alone.

You can stay without me. This time for me to say Good Bye” Jaka Tarub tried hold her hand but it useless attempt. Nawang Wulan flied to the sky and leave Jaka Tarub alone. Jaka Tarub cried.. and he regret his foolish behaviour.


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