Many people worry about how to pay food, and medical care when they become old. Today in some countries, systems have been developed up to help people obtain such necessities. These systems are generally known as social security, called public welfare or public assistance which helps poor people who are agreed. They receive a monthly pension after they retire. Most pension are pait not in full salary. There are lots of social organizations that take care of elderly people. Almost every town and city has a home for them. Some social organizations give assistance to them regularly and some irregularly.

Elderly people are the concern of the government. As citizens, some young people will also find a solution to the problems of old age, economic, physical, and emotical problems.

For some old people who have children and get weekly or monthly financial aids from them, they may not have the problem. But what about the elderly people who are alone and poor ? They certainly need help from others.

Adapted from A review written by Robert Green


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