A career is a profession or occupation which someone trains for and pursues as a lifework. It requires special education or training. But career is sometimes closely related to progress through life. For example, a teacher usually encourages his students by saying “You can learn much by reading about the career of great men”, or “If you work hard, you will have a successful career”. A century ago the process of choosing a career was much a simpler matter that it is today. A boy often followed in his father’s footstep and his sister learned the household skills that would prepare her to become a wife and a mother.

Nowadays young people grow up in a much freer society. They can become banker, bank – teller, clerk, barber, shopkeeper, dentist, surgeon, engineer, lawyer, and so on.

As a result of automation, or using computers to run other machines, there will be fewer opening in some jobs in the future. At the same time, continued economic growth would bring about more openings in many occupations, and advance in technology will create jobs that do not even exist today.

What makes someone choose a particular career  and why does someone decide to  become an accountant and another an engineer ? early childhood experiences are  important. Next comes the tentative period, when young people of about 12 to 16 become more aware of their individual interests and skills and more familiar with the working world. Then comes the realistic period , when basic decisions about career must be made.

Occupations are often chosen to meet one’s emotional needs. Such thing as a person’s need for acceptance, security, self – esteem or independence play a large role.

Choosing a career is not an easy task. There is much that you can do to reach your goal of finding the right career.

Adapted from A review written by Dasisy K. Shaw.


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