Television or radio is the most important source of entertainment for great numbers of people all over the world. It is not only a source of entertainment, but it is also a major source of news and information, as well as a valuable tool for science, education, and industry.

To make the broadcast of information and news run smooth and orderly, the rules have been set down and must obeyed. The rules are aimed at the owners of television sets or radio and those of the broadcasting stations.

In some countries, the television broadcast system does not air commercials at all. Some countries have both private sector and government operated broadcast system. In Indonesia, commercial televisions are financed partly by the fees paid by advertisers. But viewers pay a tax every month or every year for their television sets. The revenue from this tax pays the production of all or most of the television programmes. Because the costs of producing television programmes continue to rise, more and more countries are standing to accept some measure of advertising support.

Commercial televisions are allowed to make programme for live television under one condition that they do not violate the government regulations about the broadcast programme. As we all know, a global communications satellite system has made live television news report from overseas an almost nightly event in Indonesia’s living rooms. In addition to news reports, the audiences see variety shows, feature films, sports events, and drama series.

Our nation has a wide selections of programmes that are very popular with vast audiences. In the past, TVRI did not permit advertisement on its television programmes. But now it does. Other broadcasting stations have regulations that limit the number and length of commercials.

The management of telecommunications is under the Ministry of Communication and Information.


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