Generally, the more educated a person is the better chance he has to get a job. But better education needs greater amount of money. Only a few people can afford it. Before applying for a job, you have to know the prospect of working there and also the salary. Do not expect high salary when you just begin to work. If you read an advertisement of a vacancy in a company and you are interested in the position, you should apply as soon as possible. This is because some companies, especially big ones, have closing date for those who want to apply. Some companies give tests such as intelligence test, aptitude test, and personality test for applicants.

Intelligence test is given to measure your intellectual ability. Aptitude test is designed to predict your capability to succed in a particular field. There are aptitude test for teaching, nursing, law, language, mechanical work, and other fields. Personality test revealsΒ  your feelings., problem, attitudes, likes, and dislikes. These tests determine what kind of work you will enjoy most.

If you have all the qualifications required by the company, you have a good chance to get the job. After you have sent an application letter, you may be accepted as an employee. As an employee you are expected to show good performance. If your company sees that you work well, it may increase your salary, or even promote you to a higher position.


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  1. Agus Suhanto berkata:

    senang bertemu Anda melalui blog ini saya Agus Suhanto, tulisan yg oke πŸ™‚
    lam kenal yee

    1. thinkquantum berkata:

      terima kasih sudah mampir , Alhamdulillah semoga bermanfaat πŸ™‚

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