wise shopping

Most food today is sold through supermarkets, chain stores, or small neighborhood stores. There are also stores that sell only one kind of food, such s meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, or bakery products. Supermarket by food in such large quantities that often they can sell it for less money than small privately owned grocery stores. However, small neighborhood stores may provide services not offered by the supermarkets. Small stores may be open in the evenings and on sundays and holidays. Shopping can be done by phone and the orders may be charged and delivered.Wise shopping  means buying the best quality of food in the amount you need at the lowest price. Low prices do not always mean the best bargains.Second rate quality can be waseteful and may cost more in the end than higher priced product in perfect condition.

Choose a market that is spotlessly clean and has good refrigeration for frozen foods. A market that is busy and has a quick turnover of its stock will assure you of fresher foods.

Read the labels on packaged products carefully. A label tells you everything you need to know about the product what it contains, its grade or quality whether the fruit or vegetable is whole or cut up, how many it will serve, and often suggestions or recipes for using it.

Meat is usually the most expensive and most important part of a meal and should be selected with care. To shop wisely, someone should learn about the kinds and cuts of meat, how much they cost, and how they can best be cooked. Poultry in most markets these days is cleaned and ready to cook. This is generally a more economical way to buy it than buying dressed or live bird. Fish may be bought fresh, frozen, or canned. Fresh fish in season is often a good buy.

Buy fruits and vegetables when they are in season, at that time they cost less. The fresher the produce, the higher the nutritional value and the better the taste it has. If you want to buy some melons, you shoul choose the good ones. Fruity odour indicates ripeness. The carrots you are going to buy should be smooth dan firm. Avoid oversize vegetables, as they may be woody and tough and tough. Bright orange carrots may contain more vitamin A than paler ones.


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