Unemployment is the state of being out of work. Lots of students who have passed the final examination at senior high school cannot continue their studies. Some of them have failed in the entrance examination to state universities. They go to big cities to make a fortune. Most of them do net get jobs because they are not skilled. They become unemployed. Skilled graduated have a bigger chance to get jobs. In a changing and growing economy country, there are always workers without a job. They move from one area to another and switch a job to another. This also because new businesses are born and the old ones die. Many businesses such as farming, constructions and the manifacture of clothing have peak seasons and low seasons. During slow seasons many workers are laid off. This is called seasonal unemployment.

Economic grow when industry and goverment invent and improve products often destroy jobs. For example as the modern farm machinery industry grew, it destroyed the jobs of workers who once made tools for farming, such as rakes, shovels, spades, etc. Unemployment created by new methods and inventions is called technological unemployment.

Industrial economy goes through business cycles. There are good times in which business is booming and the number of jobs steadily increses. There are also bad times, during which business is slow and jobs are scarce. Unemployment has long been a major problem for every industrial nation.

Adapted from A Review written by Robert C. Goodwin.


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