People with physical conditions that make them different from other people are said to be physically handicapped or disabled. For example, blindness or the loss of a leg or an arm is a physically disability.

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We know that most physicallydisabled people can lead productive lives. Their physically condition can often be improved by modern surgery or physically medicine. Special training can help them use parts of their bodies that work well in place of parts that are disabled. almost every disabled person can be helped. The whole process of helping disbled people to make the most of their possibilities is called rehabilitation. Rehabilitiations begins with medical and surgical treatment. Doctors, technicians, and other scietists work together.

Disabled people need a place and a home for rehabilitations. Facilities must be provided, such as a specially equipped gym, swimming pool etc. People whose legs are weakened or paralyzed may be able to get about on crutches. Sometimes braces on their legs enable them to walk. People whose hands are damaged can hold a fork, or a pencil if they wear a splint to hold their fingers in position. Even people who are almost completely paralysed can move around in electric wheelchairs with fingertip controls. Sometime someone who cannot talk can communicate with others by using typewritter or by means of sign language.

The most remarkable aids are those designed to replace some parts of the body that are missing. They are artifcial arms, hand and legs. Such aid is called prosthesis. The aids are designed so that disabled people can move and control them with the muscles that have not been affected.

Adapted from A Review written by Howard A Rusk. M.D


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