The Sun and The Moon

02 Nov

The Sun and The Moon

The Sun and The Moon

Once, long ago, before the people came from beneath the earth the land was not the same as it is now. There was no  Moon and the Sun was alone in the sky. The Sun was lonely, and would wander day and night through the sky. Always was the Sun searching for someone to be his friend, his companion.  One day, the Sun wandered farther north than he ever had before, and there he saw a  Glacier resting between two Mountains. The sun thought the glacier was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen.

And so it was that the Sun came to the north more often and spent many days watching the Glacier from the cover of the Mountain and the horizon. The Sun was clever but he could not hide forever, and the Mountains soon told the Glacier that he was hiding from her and watching from a distance. The Sun was ashamed and began to run away, fearing the Glacier would be mad at him. To his surprise, the Glacier was not mad and called out to the Sun, “Come closer, so that I may see you as well.” But the Sun was bright and hard to look at. The Mountains told her to climb upon their backs so that she could see better. Still, she could not clearly see the face of the Sun, and so she leaped to him in the heavens and became the Moon.

The Sun made a home for them in the heavens and there the Moon and the Sun danced together, and they were happy. The Sun had never been more full of joy. He had found his mate, and was no longer lonely. He beamed down upon all the earth and sung his love. In this way, they lived a long time, but one day the Moon was not as happy as she usually was.

“Why are you not happy”, asked the Sun?”

“I love you, and I like dancing through the sky with you, but I am homesick  for the Mountains and their firm embrace. I am going to return to them.”

“I am sorry my love”, replied the Sun, “but you can not return. You are no longer the glacier that you once were. You are now the Moon and cannot return to the Mountains.”

Her reply was filled with tears, “I shall try to return anyway, do not think I love the Mountains anymore than I love you, this is something I must do.”

“I understand, and I will not let you leave my heart “, said the Sun, “every day you try to return to the mountains, I will follow. When you decide that you no longer wish to search for the Mountains I will be behind you, waiting with my heart open for you. Whenever you feel you cannot continue, turn around and return to me.”

When the People came from beneath the earth they saw the Sun and they watched as it followed the Moon. Every day they watched as the Moon continued her quest  searching for the Mountains of her youth, and the Sun followed. The Sun has never stopped following the Moon, and he never will.

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